Once again this would be a move in the direction of "quantity of movement" versus "quality of movement". There are so many "high" scored yurchenko fulls that include obvious deductions such as hopped landings, piking, poor run and board mechanics, bent arms, leg separation, head out, improper twist timing (early mostly) that there is plenty of room for improvement of this skill before devaluing should occur. This is artistic gymnastics and execution plus amplitude of movement should be two factors that carry the weight. I know people can be confused or even frustrated that an athlete who performs a yurchenko 1.5 or double is not "rewarded" for their attempt to do a more difficult vault. It would seem the solution would be to devalue a "lesser" vault to reward the few at this point who can do the 1.5 or double. The only major problem i have right now is that you just put more separation between a "few" and the "many" without considering that expectation of the quality of the lesser vault go up first. Keep the yurchenko full at a 10.0 and tighten up the expectation for the scoring of it, so that their can be a greater delineation between the ones who do it satifactorily versus those who do it extraordinarily...Just my thoughts.