I second the suggestion to check out their facebook page and their "Inside the Locker Room" entries to get a flavor for the team -- they are a smart and quirky group and they embrace that identity, which is fully supported by the coaches. They're a tight team that likes to have fun together, and that's evident as they practice, warm up, and compete; it's also evident in photos and videos. They can be goofy while working hard and being serious about their goals.

Some other tidbits:
*They train in the same gym with the Stanford men's team, the reigning men's national champions.
*Associate head coach Chris Swircek coached Olympian Amy Chow at West Valley. He is their primary bars coach and is quite a technician.
*Assistant head coach Mike Lorenzen has coached at all levels, has several masters degrees (international relations, theology) and is currently working on his PhD.
*Blair Ryland trained at Capital with former Gymdog Katie Heenan
*Tenaya West is quite a filmmaker and has made all of SWG's (pronounced swig) end of the year videos and tributes to the seniors for the past few years (all available on youtune, search for twest10). You can get a real sense of the team by watching the senior tributes.
*Allyse Ishino (nickname "weedge") also dances with a Stanford hip-hop group, DV8 (pronounced "deviate")
*Carly Janiga is their top all-arounder, and competitive on every event. Her beam routine is packed with difficulty.
*Stephanie Carter has been injured a lot, but learned a Yfull her freshman year and competed a lot on vault then. I'm not sure what events she's training now.
*Juniors Shelly Alexander and Dani Ikoma really stepped up last year, and look ready to attack this year as well. Alexander has added a full-in on floor and Ikoma is back on bars. Ikoma's younger sister, Michelle, is a freshman at UNC.
*Sophomore Alyssa Brown is coming back from a torn ACL (which happened while warming up her Y1.5 at Pac-10s last year), she's a former Canadian Olympian, and usually has great cast handstands on bars.
*Sophomore Nicole Pechanec is a beautiful dancer, especially on floor, and does a triple twist as her second pass.
*Sophomore Cat Nguyen ("win") was injured for much of her first year, but we saw glimpses of her beautiful lines on beam at the end of the season.
*Sophomore Allie Skoly was injured last year, but working her way back this year.
*Of the freshmen, Ashley Morgan will probably compete a fair amount this year.
*All students, including scholarship athletes, at Stanford have to be accepted by the admissions office, and there's no way to get around their decisions (even for revenue sports like football); the earliest prospective athletes can apply is the summer before their senior year, and the coaches cannot get verbal commitments before students have applied and been accepted.
*Smyth has a great track record of graduating her athletes in 4 years, sometimes 4 + fall quarter for those who need to study abroad to fulfill a major requirement.
*Smyth does all the choreography for the team -- except for Ishino, who choreographed her own routine this year. (In addition to being a former Cal gymnast, Smyth also danced with the SF ballet prior to coaching, first as an assistant at ASU then as head coach at Stanford). In the Pac-10, Stanford, UCLA, and Oregon State have been trading places at the top over the past few years.

In terms of commentary, Washington's commentator was by far the best last year. Watch her and follow suit. She offered interesting tidbits about individuals and the programs. More importantly, however, she really analyzed routines, noting strengths and weaknesses (e.g., sloppy handstands with sky high releases won't bring in the 9.9s, as soon as so-and-so improves the form, she'll be in 9.9 territory; so-and-so just added the wolf-full and is working on performing confidently, etc), and explaining which parts of the routines matter the most. I think it would be great to hear what you would want an athlete to focus on fixing/perfecting after the routine -- is it the form, the focus, the difficulty, or something else?