If I had such powers, I would throw more elites into the mix and make USAG elite admins like Marta stop discouraging NCAA trajectories and their athletes. I would have voted for fix the Code, but I don't really think difficulty is a problem except sometimes on vault and floor and with a couple connection formulae. I would rather see the Code and judges get stricter with deductions and stop the inflated scores so that routines are more clearly separated by quality. I'm fine with the FTY being a 10.0 but wouldn't mind it at 9.9 or 9.95. I think some connections need to be reworked (some dance combos get generous on BB and FX) but otherwise I'd like to see more rewards for flexibility, artistry, and form. Many athletes can break 9.9 on break with less-than-stellar extension. flexibility, and offline dismounts.