For my "other" I will specify in the comments (as instructed) :)

My only real pet peeve is when the attacks are personal - about athletes, board members, etc.  While I think we are all adults and for the most part, this really doesn't need to be babysat, if I had to say what makes me roll my eyes the most is when things stop being about gymnastics and start turning childish. 

Example 1:
1.  "________ lacks amplitude and has a lot of leg separations." (not annoying)
2.  "________ has ugly hair and is fat." (annoying… and childish)

Example 2:
1.  "I don't prefer _____'s style on floor and dislike these stylistic/artistic/technical things about her routine." (not annoying)
2.  "____ has a horrible floor routine and sucks at life because it's horrible." (annoying) 

Example 3:
1.  "I disagree with ____ (poster) and here is why ______________." (not annoying)
2.  "_______ (poster), you are a $##@#% because you are stupid and your opinions suck because I disagree and my team is always better than yours, even if I contradict myself in the things I hate your team for that my team also does." (annoying)

That's all I've got. :)