I'm so excited. I have drafted about 100 girls and I need a little more time to sit down and look at more stats to figure out the last 50. 

I agree with barefoot. I remember some people literally had drafted all of UF's team, even the ones who you surely know will never compete like Lauren Rose or Morgan Frazier. Not smart, obviously that person didn't do well. It's also important to not draft from one team, like someone else said previously, as you might get screwed if that team has a bye this week. I try to do my draft with a mix of stats/scoring potential/being in the lineup potential and gymnasts I love. 

I had a good team last year, and it also encouraged me to pay attention to teams I would otherwise have missed, like Boise State or Southern Utah. Actually, the girls I had from Boise State and Southern Utah were some of the most consistent ones. I was doing so well (2nd in my conference) until the 2nd to last meet where I had to count a zero and that completely destroyed my score. Poop. Couldn't have seen it coming though. smiley: laugh