I've got an idea for another good one for draft purposes. If you had a chart that had all gymnasrts listed and colums for  highest single event score, highest 2 event avg, highest 3 event avg, and all around. That way you could easily see the value of 2 and 3 event gymnasts. Right now it easy to see your specialist and your all arounders. This would fill that gap. 

Another fun one for durring the season. This one is straight from the football realm. Each team has a ranking against a particular position.  It takes the average point scored at that position across the league and compairs it to the average point scored at that position against a particular team. You could do it for each event and all around. Each team would have a rank against each event and all around. So if your team is ranked 1st against beam then teams competing against them have a tendancy to mess up beam when they are head to head or maybe your team is so good at beam the judges tend to give everyone else lower score in compairison. I guess it would be the closest thing to a defence/matchup compairison in gymnastics.   
Its kinda a skewed statistic bc it doesnt take into consideration the strength of the schedule played so far. None the less its still a fun statistic. 

Man there are so many thing that you could look at. Dont know if you guys can tell but I'm super pumped for this season to go down.