sohalia wrote:
Eeeek I cannot wait to find out my team. I've had dreams about it actually. I had a dream my team contained some gymnasts nobody had ever heard of and I was like "I didn't draft them!" and was all panicked. I have issues?

Anyways, I hope we find out the teams not too late into the evening, as I won't be home most of the evening (and I assume many of you guys won't either)... Can't wait to see mine and to see other people's teams and conferences.

Sohalia, you are hilarious!  I can't wait to get my picks either.  This is my first year doing fantasy gymnastics, and had no idea what I was doing, really.  Also, I am (truly, embarrassingly) nervous about committing myself to root for anyone other than Michigan.  What if I get my picks, and they are all mean girls who kick puppies on their off days?  See, embarrassing and silly!  But I know those fears will dissipate when I get my team...