I'm excited about both of my teams! I'm lpdeal in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (you can tell they were having to search for conference names this year, haha!) and CarolinaTwister in the Gulf South Conference. One team got Bridget Sloan and the other got Rheagan Courville, who were my #1 and #2 picks in both drafts, so that's pretty awesome. The lpdeal team is SUPER heavy on freshmen - 9 of them! What's interesting to me is that even though the two draft lists had the same gymnasts but in different order (one drafted with my head, the other with my heart), I got 7 of the same gymnasts on both teams. Either way, both teams look strong and I'm excited to get started.

cor0, I'm curious about Leal and Lauer as well - I drafted both of them and definitely want to be able to use them.