Interesting mix this year for me. Definitely going to be more of a nail-biter than last year, but I've had my day in the sun. I'm a bit spoiled for choice on bars and beam, but vault and floor are going to be a real shot in the dark until I figure out which of my seven freshmen are making which lineups. (Six of them finished in the top 10 of their JO divisions last year, so I hope they come out with guns blazing). No big names, really (alas, no Courville!) but quite a few I'm excited about: Nicole Artz, Baely Rowe, Nebraska's entire freshman class for whatever reason, and several more who seem to be on an upward trajectory this year. I need about fourteen people to really have a banner year, but it should be fun to watch.

Incidentally, littlequaker, I also have Hedelund on my team. I'm doing some digging, but I don't know too much about her yet either. She came from Excalibur and I believe she finished third in Senior D this past year. Apparently, she's a classically-trained ballerina. That's music to my ears, but my plan is to hold off on using her until I have an idea of which lineups she's making and what kind of scores she's getting.