I saw that, flyaway!

I'm a bit undecided about my team. Here it is:

I got a few girls that I didn't draft and that I don't know, so I will have to research them. It's good because I'll get to pay attention to these teams (like Alaska or Gustavus), but I'm also hoping these girls at least compete and I can put them in the line-up! 

Like NotImpressed, I feel like it'll be a bit more of a nail-biter with this team. I do have a solid core of AA-er with Peszek, Vaculik and Tang. I am so excited to have Kanewa again this year. She's my favorite gymnast so I'm kinda biased, but she is great. I'm excited to have AJ Jackson as well. I am also returning Reynolds and Cipra to my team, whom were both great contributors last year (until Angi got injured). 

I think I'm going to have some cold sweats on beam every week. At quick glance, that's the one event where I have the least people. I've got a lot of a VT-UB girls, and a lot of power girls doing VT/FX. I guess I'll have to see about these freshmen uh.

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