coachreavis wrote:

Hey Guys. This is my first go at this so I never got to play with the smaller confrences. How close was the team scoring last year? Does this make for a wider range of scores? Seems with 20 teams taking 20 gymnasts it be pretty hard for anyone to be stacked 8 deep on every event. In my past fantasy sports experience there where some positions that had a bit more scarcity that others. There would be a few top tear elite at that particular position. so part of strategy was to figure what you were going to go after first. On tactic would be to get as many of the position with the least depth and the largest drop off in output all while neglecting other positions on your roster. Then you can later trade up your mediocer other positions for people that are in real need for the particular position you hoarded.

Gymnastics is kinda a different scenario bc you have to take into concideration the amount of events gymnasts compete. 
The way my draft went down was I was trying to get beam and bar workers and I figured FX and VT would fill itself in. I based everything off of last years averages.

Im kinda screwed on vault ive only got 6 vault workers and coutning and avg 9.542.  Now I am completly stacked on BB with 6 gymnasts that are top 20 avg score.  So Im hoping I can make some trades.

On another note my wifes team I helped draft all went after was 2 and three event gymnast with the highest averages. I really think her team is way stronger than mine. picking top 5 on each event she only has to count two 9.7 and I think one is a 9.78avg. 

Who knows maybe I sound like a dumbA about all this and you guys are like "You really plan on county 9.7's":)

I guess in conclusion if eveyone has a bit of weakness then it should even out.  

 You have Bridget Sloan who is great on everything.  You also have Megan Walker who is strong on beam and bars.