barefoot wrote:
I put a full 150 girls on both of my drafts - my CarolinaTwister draft's lowest pick was #109 and the lpdeal lowest pick was #134. I've only done the searching so far for CarolinaTwister, but I had 10 gymnasts on my draft who weren't drafted at all in my conference (trying to do some future research for potential trades). I got 4 of my top 25 on one team, 5 of my top 25 on the other. Conferences also seem to vary in size; CarolinaTwister's conference has 17 players and lpdeal's conference has 24. Granted, I'm not a math person, but I can't figure out why conferences would have different numbers of players, since every person got 20 gymnasts.

On one team, I've got an awesome nucleus of Tory Wilson, Rheagan Courville, and Chelsea Tang plus I'm excited to have Keeley Kmieciak, Kristin Klarenbach, and Taylor Rice; on the other team, my core is Bridget Sloan, Chelsea Tang, and Kalliah McCartney, hoping for big things from freshmen Pua Hall, Nickie Guerrero, and Sarah Garcia.

I have a very similar team as your first one! Relying of Rhegan, Tory, and Taylor to make their respective bar lineups because I'll definitely need those scores. Then I have Gnat and hopefully Tutka to fill in Vault, Beam, and Floor. Bars is really my only weakness. I drafted based on all arounders and ended up with only 2, so that strategy didn't work out for me. I also got Savona, and her bars looked great at LSU Gym 101, so I hope she gets a spot in that lineup, I have Hambrick as well, so I think she and Savona will be getting one of the spots, but figuring out who gets the call each week will be annoying. Floor and Vault should be fine for me, I have at least 7 gymnasts on each of those averaging 9.8+. Anyone familiar with Ohio State or Stefanie Merkle, I've watched some of her elite routines, and bars definitely seems to be a weakness. I hope she has improved and could be a nice all arounder, but I don't know what to expect from her yet. Also, I drafted Jordan Williams who is at UCLA from UofArizona for a RS grad school year. I hope she can see some lineups as well. I guess I should start researching bar workers who weren't taken in my conference for the trade, which won't happen until midseason according to @FantasyGym on twitter.