My full team (by school):

Carissa Kraus and Stephanie Miceli (ASU)
Diana Mejia (Boise State)
Charlie Owens and Toni-Ann Williams (Cal)
Kylie Fagan (Central Michigan)
Mary Beth Box and Kiera Brown (UGA)
Sydney Ewing (LSU)
Nicole Artz (Michigan)
Danielle Breen, Kamerin Moore, Grace Williams (Nebraska)
Kayla Gray (New Hampshire)
Kaitlynn Hedelund (North Carolina)
Alexis Mattern and Taylor Harrison (Ohio State)
Baely Rowe (Utah)
Beth Deal and Alexa Goldberg (West Virginia)

So, I could turn out to be sitting on a pretty great team here, but since so many of my returning players are one-eventers, a lot depends on the freshmen. I need, like, five of them to be making vault lineups out of the shoot, which thankfully isn't entirely outside the realm of possiblity, but geesh, that first week is going to be a white-knuckler.  I'm glad I did the full 150, but I definitely would have put a little more thought into my rankings after the top 70 or so if I'd known I was going to be in a conference of 24. It looks like I got down to my 126th name. Other than that, not too much to complain about from my end. Everyone looks usable somewhere so far.