The only freshman I'm putting up for sure will be Alex McMurtry (obviously). She's the highest pick I got, and then I also have Katie Bailey who I'm of course very happy with. I think those are the only two picks that were from my top 25. I have two all-arounders from Michigan State as well as a specialist, and they don't seem to have a bye week, thankfully! I know nothing about them and am hoping they keep competing AA this year as I really need their beam and bars. I also have Shermatero who's a freshman at Washington and who was a fairly good JO gymnast. I haven't put her in my lineups yet but hopefully she'll compete at least some events to give me a bit more depth.

As others have mentioned, the strategy is going to be different from last year. I think the people with the strongest teams might be able to score 197s consistently, but most people won't. A lot of my all-arounders are 9.75 gymnasts, not 9.9. You really had to have a very carefully constructed draft with 150 gymnasts and probably a bit of luck to get 20 gymnasts capable of 9.85+ scores, but I do think some people have managed that, which is incredibly impressive! Championships are going to be interesting with all the true masters battling it out!

My full team (not in draft order) :
Alex McMurtry
Katie Bailey
Alina Cartwright
Kait Kluz
Charlie Owens
Jordan Naleway
Lauren Marinez (my very last pick because of the injury)
Lisa Burt
Elena Lagoski
Sidney Sanabria-Robles
Emma Sibson
Rachel Daum
Jordan Williams (hoping she makes some lineups but I'm not holding my breath)
Alyssa Shermatero

And then a massive SIX gymnasts I didn't draft (entirely my fault, I had 90 on my list) :
Alexis Nault (does not compete)
Gabriella Nguyen (does not compete)
Brittney Jensen (pretty usable but only competes VT and FX)
Tori Erickson (freshman, hopefully she'll compete)
Julia Stedman (competes but not usable unless I'm going to count a zero)
Kelsey Hood (freshman, hopefully she'll compete)

At least I have 8 to put in each lineup without relying on any freshman other than McMurtry, so it's not as bad as I thought.. just not super strong either!

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