gymback fan wrote:
sohalia wrote:
Well after researching some stats, I'm pretty screwed on beam, and bars is pretty thin too. I am really going to need Braie Speed and India McPeak to compete. I'm pretty screwed once Stanford and UCLA are on a bye, pretty much. Can I get a draft re-do?

I know AJ Jackson is probably never going to see the beam line-up, but I hope she competes bars. Gah. This is stressing me out already and season hasn't even started.
Brain Speed's twitter looks like she may have something going on.  Last tweet i saw was about things you work so hard for being taken a way in seconds (or something to this effect)  She is on my fantasy team also so i am hoping all is well.

Yes I saw that. And then she talked about crutches? I know we can't read too much into gymnasts' tweets. I looked over the IG of Arkansas and she isn't in any of the latest training videos. There is a short video of her tumbling (and she looked great) but that was way earlier into pre-season. I would love to be able to use her, especially on bars and beam. 

In other news, is the practice week this weekend?! When are lineups due? I guess it doesn't really matter anyways. But then, next week counts, right?

I've given up on trying to find stats for the girls I randomly got. The official websites of their schools suck. There is no stat or even summary of why the girls didn't compete last season or what was their best events at a JO gymnast.