NotImpressed wrote:
I agree with the general sentiment that you don't neccesarily have to be enormously stacked. I have a feeling I'm going to be talking about this ad nauseam just because I can, but I happen to know that the *ahem* winning team last year consisted of Kim Jacob (natch), Kayla Williams (never got to use her), Kristen Klarenbach, Shelby Salmon (put her up all of twice), Katherine Grable, Sasha Tsikhanovich (who must have had a season-ending injury somewhere), Haylee Rollins (who also had a season-ending injury), Moriah Martin, Nina McGee, Kaitlin Moorhead (hardly ever put her up), Lindsey Cheek, Kiera Brown, Amber See, Michelle Shealy, Kayla Slechta, Emily Wong, Jamie Schleppenbach, Kayla Gray, and Maile'ana Kanewa (who took forever to crack the floor lineup, but boy was she worth the gamble).

So, in other words, three big-ticket all-arounders, a dynamite three-eventer, about nine people I used for one or two events, and five people I didn't really use for one reason or another. A solid group, for sure, but I remember feeling like the Bad News Bears until postseason.
Brag away, after all, you did have to wait a full year to bring it up again smiley: roll But thanks for the reminder, yours was a very impressive feat and it is truly hard to predict what our teams are going to be like before the season starts. The gymnast trading is an additional unknown that might help us more than we think!