gymfan97 wrote:
I'm undecided on whether I like my team or not. I have three girls from Hamline. I guess that's my fault because I only drafted 60 but how did I end up with 3?! I did get Kennedy Baker which I am surprised but pretty excited about. Do any of you Florida fans have any idea of where she stands in lineup, or ucla people any idea about angi cipra? I think my team will be led by Kiera brown, Ashlyn Broussard, and aja sims. I also have 3 cal girls, 2 that I think will be pretty good! Wow I can't wait!

imo kennedy baker will be in the all around this year for florida. I am not sure how the lineups will look but imo she should be maybe 3rd up on vault, bars and floor while 4th on beam.