Endo wrote:

gymfan97 wrote:I'm undecided on whether I like my team or not. I have three girls from Hamline. I guess that's my fault because I only drafted 60 but how did I end up with 3?! I did get Kennedy Baker which I am surprised but pretty excited about. Do any of you Florida fans have any idea of where she stands in lineup, or ucla people any idea about angi cipra? I think my team will be led by Kiera brown, Ashlyn Broussard, and aja sims. I also have 3 cal girls, 2 that I think will be pretty good! Wow I can't wait!

I'm not sure how any of the UF freshman are going to fit in the line up. The Gators only lost Macko and Alaina Johnson from last year and Kiersten Wang looks like she's back from an injury after being out all of last year. I'm going to guess Kennedy Baker will be up on bars over any of the other newbies. Gators lost 2 great bar workers with Macko and Johnson. The other events will be a toss up from what I've seen. McMurtry should definitely be in the vault lineup. And I know next to nothing about the other two and how they'll stack up in the fight for spots in the lineup. I feel a little bummed about the lack of preseason videos from the Gators! Last year they posted their entire intrasquad on youtube. This year, they've just shown bits and pieces.

agreed.. very disappointed on the coverage we got this off season for florida. It makes me wonder if the girls are having difficulties and they dont want people to know it.