I know someone said they didn't like the complaining about scores, and I will admit some people take it personally  - but typically I find it educational.  Most fans can see a hit handstand or a stuck dismount, but may not notice somewhat loose legs on a triple series. Or they may notice an error, but it is something that doesn't rate much of a deduction.

I was watching a meet wondering how a very solid, clean looking beam routine got such a low score.  An ex gymnasts was sitting infront of us and said she doesn't hit her switch side - same thing on floor - which was why her floor score was also off.  Thinking back I had a recollection of her switch side on floor not being even, but really hadn't internalized that it also happened on beam.    So when complainers are specific, I think it helps educate the fan base.  And the way things layout you can easily skip the tirads.

I like how people watching the meet comment in real time - makes it like a running blog - and if people are watching multiple meets it's all in one place - not on multiple twitter accounts.

Do wish there was more discussion of teams other than UCLA, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma. LSU is starting to get more followers. So lurker fans - jump in.

Do like how good performing gymnasts from non-title contending schools get praise and recognition. Ditto for programs that appear to be on the move.

Do like that it is a good resource for parents with college bound gymnasts - dispite the fact that we all think their babies shouldn't be committing - everyone is sooo much smarter after they go through the process - but by the time your kid is a sophomore in college - all that knowlege does you no good.

Like the pinned injury list.

Love  the gym related but not necessarily meet related - like who develops gymnasts, who has a track record of keeping girls all 4 years, what questions to be asking as a recruit. 

Like that if you ask a question - from why isn't so and so competing to which schools most influence the majors ( everyone on the team a communications major?), you will typically get someone who knows or has an opinion to respond.  Some start heated discussions - others fade.

In general if you say something stupid ( if its not mean :)) people will just correct you, not berate you. Not everyone is an expert.

I would like all participants to remember that typing on the fly in a message board does not always deliver the message as intended - so assume the best intention - not the knee jerk worse.