sohalia wrote:
What also drives me crazy is messy hair-styles...*cough* Oregon State *cough*. Why spend so much on it to have it look like you just got out bed? I have to say though that overall, we are now seeing much cleaner hairstyles than from a few years ago, so it's definitely heading the right direction in my mind. I know elite had a phase of terrible hairstyles too, and now they have all cleaned up. 

On that same note, it drives me crazy when the gymnast has barely landed and is halfway through saluting the judges that her teammates just JUMP on her. I wish they'd just wait 10 more seconds until at least the gymnast isn't standing in the exact same spot she just landed.

1. YES. I get it, I have long hair and sometimes a ponytail just isn't enough if you don't want your hair flying all over the place. What I don't get is then deciding a messy top knot is preferable for a meet over neat braids or a bun.

2. I noticed this when I was watching the UCLA match yesterday. One of the staff (I think?) was jumping to the girls practically as their feet hit the mat. I see it way more in some teams than others, which makes me wonder if it's some strategy to distract the judges.