gymengineer wrote:
It's rough to see two senior falls so far. With this stellar class graduating, I would have hoped the freshmen would have been contributing higher scoring routines this season. Maddie can already go 9.9 here and there, but next season they will need to replace so many top scores. It will be a nice coaching challenge.

I actually like the trajectory of the freshmen thus far. Maddie has looked more and more like a former national team member as the season has progressed, and if she can stay healthy, I think she will be a star for the team. I would like to see her on bars and Mahoney, but otherwise, I think the freshmen are going in the right direction. They actually are contributing more than Brannan/Winston/Guerrero did as freshmen, which is kind of crazy since I actually think the current junior class trio will be more difficult to replace than this year's senior class. I would like to see more contribution from the sophomore class however. One thing to keep an eye on is the bars lineup. If the incoming freshmen are unable to contribute some 9.9 routines next season (and Desch doesn't get in on bars), then Alabama is going to be in a hole in a few years there. Brannan/Bailey/Winston/Jetter/McNeer will all be gone, and I'm not seeing the replacement routines from the current underclassmen beyond Mahoney (and I'm not a fan of her composition on bars).