In addition to those already listed (which I definitely agree with) I would say that I think this is what Rhonda used to do so well. Towards the end, she had a stacked roster so it was more about coaching what she already had but before they started winning National titles, she did a great job of getting everything possible out of whoever wound up there. 

I would also add Val tentatively to that list. UCLA's history includes both gymnasts who SHOULD have lead the NCAA in rankings who never really did anything in college but also gymnasts who came in without much fanfare who wound up thriving there. I haven't quite figured out why.... I think she just has a very autonomous style versus an authoritative style where girls can find success if they want to or they can be lazy if they choose that too. There really isn't a middle ground. So I think she has the ability to bring gymnasts to their full potential quite well.... whether it always happens or not is another conversation.