Congratulations to Utah. Not a perfect meet for them, but the few routines with big mistakes they did have didn't have to count as they fought back with super strong routines. They did what they needed to do and did it well. Has Shannon McNatt been last in the lineup for Utah before on vault? I was surprised there was someone after Mykayla. I guess she was there if they needed her because she doesn't compete much? IDK. I hope she is OK. I wish they didn't let her vault since they did well before her, but this is in hindsight. I'm sure they would have pulled her if they were afraid an injury could happen.

I see Mykayla has gotten a 10 once before on floor, but I think this is the first one I've seen her receive, so good for her. I was waiting for it to happen. Happy for Kyla Ross coming through with another 10 as well.

We weren't really talking about Oregon St. and they crept in there for that second place finish. So good for them.

UCLA has all the variables for championship success but just has to figure out the formula before regionals and NCAAs. I wish them luck in doing so.

Even though I thought Washington would end up second behind Utah, I'm still very impressed with them and very happy for them. They looked happy, too.