I personally roll my eyes at those school-devoted fans (with the name of their school in their username) telling gymnastics fans how it functions in the manly sports....How the abuse is much tougher and so we should stop with the double standards. Uhm, I'm a gymnastics fan. And I'm a gay male, which puts me firmly in the center of gymnastics fans. Why should I want to ignore practices that are annoying to me just because sports I have no interest in watching also participate in those practices? VegasUte can make all his/her "are you serious?!" assumptions about what people in this board hold in common. I actually lol'ed with his/her comparison to other sports as if that's the prerequisite for being a gymnastics fan. Like gymnastics fans are supposed to be abreast of American College Football trash-talk? Skinner is unpopular because of her own antics through multiple seasons and even extending into her freshman year of college. There's absolutely no need, IMO, for gymnastics fans to have frame their disapproval of Skinner's actions through the context of all NCAA sports.