GONCAA wrote:
It is in a news article on Collegegymfans

And regions who can't fill their spots - like region 2- do get filled from other regions.  How many get assigned and from which regions I think is determined partially by who wins the super region the prior year.  If you win, your region gets more of the open slots the next year.    Still since the threshold is 35 - you still have girls going to nationals who have never scored a 36 while girls in more competitive regions who regulary hit 37.5 stay home.

For one of the earlier commenters - I was not suggesting more total girls, just a higher cut off so there would be more spots for girls from more competitive regions. And maybe encourage girls from those less competitive regions to step up.  They typically have at least one girl who probably would have made it in anther region - no reason they couldn't have more.
When you look at just the scores out of Regional meets, Region 1 has > 49% of gymnasts competing at Level 10 Regionals scoring 37 and above...that's half of their gymnasts are supposedly 37+ good ....they had 246 girls who competed all 4 events and 40 of them scored a 38 (16%) and 84 scored 37 (34%) and above...sorry, I'm not buying it. Other "more competitive regions" like 3,5, 7, and 8 have around 20-25 % in the 37 and over category.

As one poster mentioned, scores in JO , as well as NCAA, have been creeping up over the last few years in some regions, and definitely not in others so I don't think you can just say "the less competitive regions should just step it up"...I 'd love to see a judging panel out of region 2 or 6 judge in region 1 and see what the scores would be..