I'm kind of tired of having this conversation every single time Georgia has a poor showing, but whatever I'll bite.

This season was always going to be a dismal one for Georgia.  They lost 10 routines from last years senior class.  Those routines were practically all of the regular 9.9s the team was scoring.  Not to mention Cherrey and Vaculik were out pretty much the whole season with injury, Snead needed to nurse her back, and Dickson was not at full strength during post-season after her ankle injury at SEC's.  This lead to a severe lack of depth that could not be overcome to match expectations.

With all that considered, I'm honestly impressed Danna was able to implement so many new routines into the lineup and get her team to hit pretty much every week.  They weren't getting huge 197s, but they rarely scored under 196.8.  In fact, they were a much more stable team this season and I actually think having open spots in the line-up rejuvinated the team.  It allowed some of the athletes an opportunity to work hard for a line-up spot. Prior to this season, Danna didn't experiment with lineups much and it was pretty well known that the team was relying on a few stars.  This year, it truly felt like the team realized it needed to be a group effort.

At the end of the day, Georgia making Super Six was a long shot.  They ultimately needed at least two other teams to have meltdowns while simultaneously hitting their best meet of the year.  With that said, it is encouraging that Snead and Dickson are turning into real stars and Vega was able to be a consistent scorer for the team on her events (I don't believe she fell on beam once this season).  They have a young foundation that can be built upon by the next two recruiting classes which are quite talented.

I'm not sure if Danna is ever going to get Georgia back to competing for national titles on the reg, but you have to credit her for coming in and stabilizing the program.  Also, I don't knowif its wise to try and start over again when they already have a coach who has proven she can consistently get her teams to nationals and compete for Super Six.  I still think its too early to overhaul this coaching staff.