I didn't watch Semi II (I can't do two nights in a row at 3am, so I'm saving it for the Super Six!), so it's only from looking at scores and reading comments that I am saying all of this. Like Jessica, I am bummed for Georgia and also Michigan to end a season like this and to not have performed to the best of their abilities. I agree it would have been hard to advance, but I still wish all six teams had been at their best.

LSU sounds like it's on a mission, but so is Florida. Through the season I thought it would only be between OU and LSU, and realistically it still is.... But man let's not count out UF and UCLA quite yet. Although who knows with UCLA, this might have been their peak but I hope to be pleasantly surprised. The Super Six is going to be insane.

I also expect OU to be much better tonight, as a lot of the mistakes are fixable (especially the bounciness) and not something we've seen from them this season. I think Maggie will also come back with a vengeance, a la 2015 World TF where she did AA and was the best.

I did not like the way ESPN displayed the average scores instead of the team total. I do completely understand the logic behind it though since we have byes (just get rid of them already) and not everyone is at the same stage of the competition, but I found it very misleading and confusing since the average scores displayed on screen did not actually reflect the rankings once you used team totals. At one point it looked like Washington was leading... while in reality it was third or fourth. And your average viewer is not going to sit on his computer looking at the live stat page of the competition either.
Anyways, I like the idea because then you see who is doing well overall, but  I just don't like how it was done and these averages just didn't speak to me. Viewers aren't dumb, if you explain to them there are byes and not every team is at the same stage of the meet, they'll understand. Or if you must continue with the averages, then also have the team totals displayed. Make it a three-column table or something. Displaying both averages and team totals would work well. 
That said, I am loving the coverage we get, the commentary, and the handstands and split protactors. Fantastic coverage from ESPN all season.

Just like I think the entire gymternet, I wish for EF to be back. We got 0.5 coverage of the individuals competing not with their teams (at least in semi I), and that 6-way tie for first on bars is absurd. I also wish we would get one more chance to fully appreciate the seniors before they graduate. I feel like I missed so many "last routines" because there is just so much going on. If these girls make it to EF, this gives us one more chance to watch them and cheer for them (and every individual). Anyways, at least we all agree on something for once.

Congratulations to McMurtry on the AA title! Thrilled for her, especially coming in as the underdog here. I can't wait to watch a replay of her performance. Kinda wish she had won vault also because her vault is textbook. Oh well, there's always next year.

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