OU and LSU will are on opposite ends of the rotation draw, so there will not be an event to event comparison until the fifth rotation. However, I think the second rotation will tell us a lot. If there is one rotation where both teams really need to nail it and can create a real advantage, it's bars for OU and floor for LSU. If either team doesn't come out of the gate and hit those events lights out, then advantage to the other. Vault is another place where LSU could legitimately pull away from OU. The good thing is that OU will be done early in the final rotation, so if it is a shootout between the two, we will know what LSU needs. OU follows Bama, while LSU follows Utah on each respective event. Not sure if there is a benefit there or not for either team.

I'm not counting out the other teams (a Florida win would not shock me), but I do think it will be OU or LSU.