filthandtrash wrote:
Even if Maggie Nichols would have scored a ten on balance beam, she would have totaled a 39.775; not enough to outpace McMurty in the all around.

Partially because Nichols was underscored on floor, likely because OU was up first on the event before scores got too crazy.

As for McMurtry's bars from 2015 vs. 2017:
I think the reaction to Kyla Ross' current bars routine and its simplicity is a similar situation, but for oppositie reasons. In 2015 when McMurtry started her NCAA career she was coming off a JO career where bars was always considered her weakest event (she lost the 2012 Nastia Cup due to a poor bars score and then in 2013 had to overcome a poor score on bars to win, though ending on vault - her best event - helped there) so people were dismayed her plain bars routine helped UF win (though I think most of the "anger" was likely that UF had won). McMurtry upgraded with a single bar release and usually has one of the best and most consistent stuck dismounts in college in they the last two years, much to everyone's shock – she can do a bars routine.

As for Kyla, she is an excellent elite bars worker, though she always was critized for not upgrading to more difficulty skills, choosing precision over difficulty. Everyone knows Kyla can do a bars routine with more difficulty (unlike Alex as a freshman) and gets upset that she "chooses" the easy way to perfection. It will be interesting to see if Kyla adds more difficulty to her bars routine in the next couple of years (Maddy as well). But with Peng in the last spot and all her difficulty UCLA didn't really need it this year. Speaking of Peng, has anyone heard where her petition for a sixth year stands?