Total domination from OU! That was an amazing performance, and other than one or two scores, I thought all of those scores in the 9.9s were completely deserved. Great to see Maggie bounce back as well! She's going to be beyond amazing for OU during the next few years. 

I actually thought Florida should have been second, but regardless, really strong meet for them. And I agree, Florida will be dangerous next year. If everyone (Baumann, Bradley, etc) is healthy, I definitely think they will absolutely challenge OU. That team will be stacked and should hopefully and finally get some quality depth. 

I hate that LSU couldn't pull through because I really love their beam, floor, and vault lineups, but it was always going to be difficult to repeat that semis performance. At least they finished strong on beam and got SECs this year. LSU loses several important routines, so it will be interesting to see how they rebound next year. 

UCLA should be happy with how they ended the competition, but vault (and floor IMO) needs to improve. Nia Dennis should certainly help there, and hopefully Ross and Kocian can upgrade. If so, UCLA is another dangerous team next year. Any word on whether Peng will be back?

I don't remember much of Utah's performance (and I mean that honestly, not as a dig on the team), so I don't want to comment much. Skinner will of course be great for Utah the next few years, like Nichols.

As for Alabama, as a fan, it was a disappointing end to the season and the seniors' careers, but I wasn't as bummed as I would've been in other seasons because I wasn't terribly shocked (and at best, Alabama probably finishes 4th with a hit meet). It's just been that sort of year - great meet one week and disaster the next. Not sure what happened this season, but something just seemed a bit off from the start. Regardless, I will definitely miss this senior class. Bailey and Sims especially are two of my favorites.