Oops- I mixed up the age/timing on her. Although the commiting 3/4 years out and deferring to go for big teams has wreaked havoc on my ability to keep years straight.

But yeah, LSU wasn't handed a bad hand, but there were just little things adding up. They actually didn't have any truly bad routines and no one made mistakes they hadn't previously made- except Ewing on the double pike. But it just seemed they never clicked/gelled. And truth be told that prelims score was a bit generous and probably built them up a little too much.

To my eye- Florida's prelim performance was ideal. They put up a big score but left themselves room to improveĀ and specific things to focus on. As someone else mentioned LSU did have a 2014 Bama type prelim. The difference is Bama started that Super Six on fire and fizzled where as LSU floundered then really dialed it in at the end. I actually think their bars rotation was good by their standards even if it wasn't as strong as prelims. I think OU 2015 might be a better comparison.

We'll see what everyone learned from this year and if they can build.