Jessica wrote:
Here's where I see it as a non-UGA fan, but somehow who respects the program. There are very real and legitimate complaints about Durante and her coaching. Frankly, she doesn't strike me as a coach who will get UGA back to a point where they are true contenders year in and year out for the championships. However, the complaints about her have been so constant and overblown through the years that it's hard to take it seriously after a while. And for that reason, I can't see who (other than a former gym dog) would be inclined to jump at the job.

I think 2 things can be true at once - 1) This was always going to be a rebuilding year, and UGA had a good season given the talent level and injuries, and they went as far as they could conceivably go (semifinals of nationals), so Durante deserves the credit for that; and 2) the performance last night was disappointing, not because just because of some falls and shakiness, but because they just looked unprepared, and that's on Durante as well. However, it's not like UGA has fallen all over the place at Nationals every year under her watch. Given that and the fact that UGA has some strong classes coming in, I think fans should wait and see where UGA is in a couple of years. The foundation with the underclassmen is certainly there for UGA to be much improved going forward.

Well said Jessica. 

While I don't want to see Durante go quite yet, I do really believe they need to have a beam coach come in. Of course it would have to be a volunteer assistant coach, but yeah. Or a beam psychologist.