TripleArabian wrote:
GONCAA wrote:
Yes - I was sitting right there and it certainly looked like her big toe went over the line, looked up and was surprised not to see a yellow flag. Wasn't much- just her toe - and being on podium makes it harder for the line judges - even standing they are pretty low.  They did seem to catch everyone else.  However, OU would have won even it they had caught it - just always feels wrong when judging is applied inconsistently - like Kocian's bars?!? ( I single that out only becomes it comes to mind) and I would guess it is a bit demoralizing to gymnasts. Even if the end team results are correct, it does impact the girls' individual stats and who gets All American status.
It was Natalie Brown. I was sitting in the Utah section, so I had a perfect view of her landing in that corner. At least a dozen Utah fans were pretty shocked that no flag went up. I'm certain the judges near us heard us and knew what we said, but nobody raised a hand. From our perspective, it wasn't close. It was a full big toe out, not just a toenail. I know it doesn't change the outcome, and even if were changed to a 9.8 there was still a 9.875 after that. It's just frustrating that an obvious error and deduction wasn't taken.
Look, we don't want to all belabor the point, but since you are insisting this particular OOB call to be frustrating, I and another poster have been trying to tell you that she didn't go out. I watched the video in slo-motion and freeze-framed when she lands. It's clear she stays in bounds. There is clearly blue between her scrunched toe and the white OOB area.