Natalie Brown?  I just watched it again, including replaying the suspect pass four times, and she's definitely in (and I thought so watching it at the time, too, and so did Bart & Kathy - all of us having the benefit of a very clear camera angle).  She hops back quickly but even on the landing itself she's several inches inside the line. I wouldn't have thought so either if I couldn't see her feet, but the view the camera caught, from a slight overhead angle, distinctly shows a gap between her foot and the line).  In fact, because she's a little off line to the right and lands with her right foot forward, it's actually her outer toes that are closest to the line.  More form issues than I remembered on her opening 2/1 but no OOB on that second pass (and not close to it anywhere else).

Overall, though, hard to argue with results.  Great for Maggie for bringing her A game on night 2!  I was hoping for that for her. 

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