It was an exhausting weekend, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

The few bad things:
- A few nasty fans, both in person and on social media.  I get being disappointed when your favorite team or gymnast isn't doing fantastically, but the outright nastiness was uncalled for.
- Not as many hotels, restaurants, etc. within walking distance of Chaifetz Arena as compared to Fort Worth.  My mom and I stayed in Clayton and Ubered everywhere, and that was perfectly nice but the Ubers definitely add up over the course of the weekend.
- I was a little disappointed in the turnout of the non-Super SIx teams for the pre-meet autograph session on Saturday.  I don't care about the autographs so much, but I always enjoy speaking to the gymnasts and congratulating them on their successes and wishing the seniors well.  I'm pretty sure all of Denver and Nebraska were out there, most of Washington and Oregon State, but only a few from Michigan and Georgia.  I saw the non-autographing gymnasts at the arena, so it wasn't that they weren't there - just not participating.
- I was a little heartbroken for Nebraska.  They hadn't looked so solid all season, and they were another team that left it all out there on semifinal Friday - it just wasn't enough.
- The child sitting behind me Saturday night was the Loudest. Human. In. The. World.  I finally had to start covering my ears because her shrieks were absolutely ear-splitting.  On the bright side, at least we were cheering for the same team!

The good:
- My favorite team won, so that's always nice!
- I love seeing so many really fantastic routines in person!  Chayse Capps on BB and FX, AJ Jackson on FX, Peng Peng Lee on UB and BB, Maggie Nichols on FX and UB, Alex McMurtry on VT and FX, Ashleigh Gnat on FX, and SO many others.  They're amazing on TV and even more impressive in person.
- Chaifetz really was a nice arena, and I (sneakily) appreciated that the ushers weren't checking tickets at least on Friday - my mom and I were able to sit in unclaimed lower-level seats for both semifinals, and that was pretty sweet.
- Best people-watching ever.  I loved being surrounded by gymnasts and coaches and "gymternet celebrities" for the weekend.