Jessica wrote:
I don't like this at all. If they're aiming for semi-permanent sites, I would much prefer to see them pick 4 or 5 cities in different portions of the country and rotate to each one year after year. With that said, if they are going for one permanent site, the Dallas/Ft.Worth area is probably at the top of the list for a variety of reasons. 

That's how they do it for collegiate synchronized swimming. Nationals are given four different regions usually, and it rotates throughout the years. While I was there, it was quite nice. Once we had nationals at tOSU, once in Texas, another in NY State and another at Stanford... Obviously costs vary each years, but it was nice to have one year of "oh that's drivable" versus having to pay for flights every season. Plus, it was nice to see other parts of the country, and we all thought it was only fair to everyone to have that sort of rotation.

Anyways, back on topic. I saw they were actually planning to build a new arena, which would actually not be in the city center anymore for 2020 onward, and it would be 2.5 miles west of downtown... So there goes our whole "gymnastics village" feel, and the proximity of hotels and restaurants. smiley: eyes
But yay for a new arena!