UCLA is losing Cipra (V/FX), Mossett (BB/FX), and Gerber (BB). Hopefully they are getting PPL back on her two events but I think UCLA will be even stronger next year with the freshmen coming in and also the number of injured gymnasts they had this year.
Vault: Cipra was in and out of the lineup and never the top vaulter so it shouldn't be hard to replace her. Pauline Tratz and Nia Dennis are both great vaulters, along with Hano hopefully getting her 1 1/2 back. They really need more 10.0 vaults next year but this was their weakest event and I only see it being stronger for them next year. Ross, Hano, Ohashi, Meraz all showed 10.0 vaults in pre-season that need to materialize next year.
Bars: Not losing any routines and gaining Nia Dennis who is a powerful bar worker. Hopefully they can also get Ohashi, Toronjo and the Glenn twins back on bars as well for more depth.
Beam: Losing Gerber who has been a rock lead off for them and Mossett who was in and out of the lineup. Another great event for them and between the freshmen, Hano, Toronjo, and the Glenn twins they should have even more options for next year.
Floor: Losing Cipra and Mossett, this is the biggest loss for them across all 4 events. Tratz and Dennis are both powerful athletes so this is again another opportunity for the freshmen to step up. Hano also should be back in the lineup with her double layout and Toronjo came on strong this year with the potential to upgrade. Meraz also has shown a double layout upgrade which she can hopefully master and help increase the difficulty.