Heather Elswick (V/FL) Graduation
Leah McMoyle (V/UB) Per her Bio on now says Retired Gymnasts
Samantha Nelson (BB/FL) Graduation

Amanda Wellick should be back
Sophie Carter (3rd AA at Region 4 Regionals)
Kailey Gillings (6th AA at Region 3 Regionals)
Lakin Legereit
Sydney Laird (2nd AA at Region 8 Regionals former Canadian JR Elite)
Ellie Wylie (3rd AA at Region 7 Regionals)

I think the main thing Arkansas gains is experience. According to twitter 3 have had surgery since the season ended.

image20 years in gymnastics, 8 knee surgeries, 1 elbow surgery, an orthopedic, pt, and chiropractor I cant live with out. What's that would I do it again?? Of Course, it was all worth it.