belzx009 wrote:
Minnesota Losing Bailie Holst (AA) Kaitlyn Rahon (Beam and Floor) Bailey Abernathy (Floor and Vault) Gaining Lexy Ramler (Elite/10) Ona Loper (10) Lexi Montgomery (10) The 3 graduating seniors had big roles this year. Abernathy led scoring on floor and vault. Holst was the top scorer on Bars. I see these 3 coming in and replacing the scores just fine as well as putting up big scores on the events that the seniors did not contribute in. Loper reminds me of Lindsay Mable. Her gymnastics is just beautiful. I think she will contribute right away on all around. Ramler I believe will be the face of the program. She is competing level 10 right now but she competed elite all last season. She has the difficulty that Minnesota has been lacking. Montgomery is coming off an injury, but she also is a national beam champion. That's exactly what Minnesota needs! Beam was a struggle for the Gophers this season and I think all 3 of these will be in the beam lineup and will all have the capability of putting up scores in the 9.9s This may be Minnesota's best class ever. I see them competing for a spot at nationals again next season. I literally can't wait!!

I am super excited about this Minnesota class! I also think it is its best one ever, and all three are going to have a big impact right away. Ramler is going to be a superstar for Minnesota and in NCAA. If all are healthy, I definitely see the Gophers climbing up the Big 10 rankings and for sure challenging for a nationals spot.