Wow, I literally wrote a post days ago about how I thought Danna did a good job stabilizing the program. So much for that.

With that said, I am with others in that this hasn't been reported anywhere so who knows if it is true. Even if they are leaving the team, it doesn't necessarily mean they were dismissed for disciplinary reasons. Also, Arnold's and Vaculik's instagrams both still say "UGA gymdog", though if I were dismissed from a NCAA team I don't think the first thing I would do would be to change all of my social media I doubt this means much.

It would be pretty concerning if four gymnasts were dismissed from the team within two years. I believe that people should face the proper consequences and if that means dismissal, I'm for that. However, this could mean that Danna isn't able to control her athletes and that she can't demand the respect that is needed as head coach. It will interesting to find out more info and see how this plays out.