mjd122 wrote:
Random and odd choice.  Not only is she randomly hiring someone who was formerly a collegiate men's coach with a team that wasn't very competitive, but apparently he only has one season of collegiate coaching experience period.  Given Courtney's clear lack of experience, I'm surprised at this pick.  It clearly gives the impression that no one wanted the job.

I do wonder if Jay and Phil were at all interested in staying on the staff.  I get wanting to start fresh, but its not worth if it if your alternative options have little to no experience.  It will be interesting  to see who the second assistant will be.

I am worried now that once the wow factor of UGA's former star being coach wears off that the Georgia will be a worse place than they were with Danna.  I know I post a lot on Georgia threads and that makes it seem like I am a die-hard fan, but in actuallity the drama of this team is just so fascinating to me and I can't help commenting on it lol
Or maybe things are just so in flux right now with 6 head coaching positions still unfilled? So the "star" assistant coaches could still shuffling around the country interviewing for those spots. (But then maybe it would have been wise to wait.)