Admittedly all the twists and turns here over the years have been fascinating to me. We all know it's a complex situation with Kupets' lack of experience (her UGA and NCAA pedigree something both separate as well as exciting) and the announcement of SY's role (big shadow and shadowy boundaries.) I guess I'm surprised Kupets is starting at pretty much Danna's final salary, which for a brand-new coach is very lofty. I know it's Georgia and they are damn serious about this move and the reclaimed reputation they are seeking, but still... how could she begin to jump into this without massive mentoring and guidance on all the business, legal, compliance, recruiting, insurance, financial and so on that also goes along with overseeing the program and learning the ropes? If I'm right about this, I'm even more surprised about what this can mean for the balance and leadership between Kupets, the assistants and SY. All I know is despite these head-scratching scenarios, more than ever, it will be fascinating to see what happens next! 😆