tmkwv2 wrote:
DA, I've followed you over the years and in no way doubt your passion and love for the UGA program, but you are now coming across as bitter.

You make statements​ that the reaction from the coaches was laughter. I've heard first hand from coaches, alumni and former rivals good things and excitement. I've seen genuine declarations​ of congratulations from throughout the Gymternet on social media. Were you in the coaches meeting?

We are all adults and have varying levels of investment, but we shouldn't lose perspective of the big picture. As fans, we must remember that this a sport, a past time and hobby, and in light of what's going on in the world we shouldn't be losing sleep, crying tears or interceding for a gymnastics program. Save those things for the important situations of life and tragedies that have occurred recently.

I admire your dedication, but encourage you to step back and gain perspective.
Yes! Thank you.

I am happy about this hire, and from what I've seen on Twitter so are many UGA fans and current gymnasts. It feels like the tide has changed in regards to what people think of UGA since that hire, and there is a positive energy about it. I'm excited to see what Kupets can do, and I wish her well. The prospect of maybe having the "old" UGA back is thrilling and I can't wait to have these old rivalries lit up again.