Mr Kupets is also a former gymnast, now a coach. So if you brought on McCool or her Mister as a plus one you would have 3 paid coaches, Suzanne, a student coach (Jay?) and two spouses. Can you even do that? It would be 1 coach per 2 gymnast ratio. I know at one point Suzanne had herself, Jay, Doug, Mrs. Clark, Karin Lichey and a student assistant but I'm not sure if they all functioned with coaching position or title.

I think Tomayo reads like a decent pick and I imagine a lot of his hire was based one personality/overall fit. He certainly has more experience than Clark did when Suzanne basically trained him from the ground up. Had Field had a paid position before picking up the job at UF?

I also wouldn't be horribly surprised if they stuck with Hogue as well but I imagine if that were the case it would be announced by now. I would like to see McComb brought in for choreo. A couple of people have mentioned her still being in general Athens area and this would make her the person who had been in the program under each of the last 4 coaches.

Say what you will- this whole turn of events has brought some much needed excitement in the off-season. And I can only imagine the fluff pieces/color commentary we get next season. And God love me but I live for the moment when someone other than DD Breaux or Val Kondos tries to get into it with Suzanne.