gymengineer wrote:
We know that the Big 10 has under-performed as a conference overall recently, with only three appearances in the Super Six (Nebraska and Michigan in 2011 and Nebraska in 2014) in the past decade. I'm excited about the two picks so far-- Brown at Penn State and Paulicivic at Ohio State. 

 And Ohio State continues to get the type of recruit who could absolutely be NCAA stars. Their updated roster for next season only has 10 gymnasts, so they're lacking in any depth. It's probably too late, but I'm holding onto the possibility of an ASU-style last-minute-gymnast-bonanza for next season (I mean, seriously, getting a French national champion? How'd Santos pull *that* off??). If Penn State and Ohio State can get back to being Nationals contenders, and add in Illinois, I think that would only be good for the sport. 


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**You are so correct , gymengineer...Ohio State has gotten the type of recruits that could have been NCAA stars, but that would've required effort and decent coaching so that hasn't happened...that said, I'm glad that Ohio State has closed the door on any more years with Fagan as she was awful for that program as a coach or mentor...and the choreography coming out of there in recent years was just hideous.

 SO... onto to Paulicivic who at the very least is heralded to be a fantastic choreographer so the OSU floor routines should be miles ahead of where they were in the past...and throw in some decent coaching ...hopefully they get a lot better under her tutelage. I'm wondering what she will do for assistants. Monahan seemed well liked as did Taylor Jones, and both are former Buckeyes, but if improvement is the goal, maybe a clean sweep is needed....or maybe both would be better coaches with a better mentor...

The other thing that may happen with Paulicivic is that maybe good gymnasts from Region 5 won't feel the need to go elsewhere and will feel like Ohio State can be a place where their gymnastics can flourish and be appreciated (like the good Utah gymnasts who stay in Utah)....Fagan never really fostered the home grown talent that was around her and some athletes pointedly looked elsewhere because of her so hopefully that changes too.